Powerful Bluetooth® Media Receiver

The powerful amplifier with 2 ohm impedance delivers deep, clear sound that fills the entire interior. And with a user-friendly interface and voice control, you can easily access music, navigation, messaging and calling functions.

The built-in 4-channel amplifier delivers incredible power levels previously only available with external amplifiers.

Use voice commands to get directions, play music, and chat with people from your smartphone’s contacts.

Customize your car audio system and control your head unit using apps installed on your smartphone.

Two smartphones can be connected to this receiver via Bluetooth® at once: one for full use of communication, navigation and https://it.the-celebrities.site/page-raiven-adams-di-alaskan-bush-people-dice-di-aver-dormito-solo-tre-ore-b music playback functions, and the other for making and receiving calls in hands-free mode.

Use voice control to get directions, send messages and play tracks on your Android smartphone.

Connect your iOS device to control music playback, navigation and messages with Siri Eyes Free.

Enjoy all the functions of your smartphone without taking your eyes off the road. Voice control allows you to regulate music, get directions in real time and communicate with callers from your contact list by simply speaking out loud simple commands.

The circuitry and all components are carefully designed for high efficiency and low noise power transmission.

Positioning the power supply close to the input connectors and amplifier minimizes power loss, while electrolytic capacitors ensure accurate bass reproduction.

An oversized heatsink with optimized fins provides adequate ventilation and prevents overheating.

Various customization options allow you to meet any sound reproduction preference. With the direct subwoofer connection features and 2 ohm speaker impedance support, the subwoofer can be directly connected to the built-in Class D amplifier and multiple speakers for deep sound that fills the entire vehicle.

Unlike other devices, the DSX-M80 amplifier has the power to drive the subwoofer and the entire audio system simultaneously, including front and rear speakers. The switch allows you to control the 2 ohm impedance level to prevent damage to your amplifier or speaker.